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In the state of Florida, street legal golf carts (or low speed vehicles) can be driven on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or lower. In Miramar Beach and the east end of Destin, this means south of Hwy 98 between Sandestin and Henderson Beach State Park.

The City of Destin has determined that low-speed vehicles are allowed to drive on all roads in the city limits except U.S. Hwy 98/S.R. 30A, Airport Road, Main Street – south of Airport Road, Mountain Drive, Palmetto Drive, Marler Drive, Melvin Drive, Azalea Drive, Beach Drive – south of Mountain Drive, Benning Drive – south of Azalea Drive, Stahlman Avenue – south of Azalea Drive, Gulf Shore Drive – north of Shoreline Towers entry, and Indian Bayou Trail – south of Commons Drive.

Some neighborhoods have their own rules governing golf cart use, so be sure to check with the neighborhood association where you live or rent.

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Miramar Beach Golf Cart Repair Services

Mobile Golf Cart Repair provides fast service to Destin or Miramar Beach. We have technicians ready to assist you 24/7. We can service a wide variety of golf carts, street legal carts and low speed vehicles conveniently in your driveway.

24/7 Emergency Roadside Repair | Call (850)737-3393

Our mobile golf cart mechanics can get to you quickly anywhere in Destin or Miramar Beach anytime of day or night. Need a quick battery charge, bulb replacement, or tire change while on Scenic 98? We’ve got you covered! Do you have a major issue and can’t easily get the cart to us? No problem! Call or text us at (850)737-3393 24 hours a day and we’ll service your golf cart in your driveway!

Property Owners

Need someone to be on call to service your golf cart at your Destin or Miramar Beach vacation rental? We can be on call for you or your renters anytime an issue arises with the golf cart at your property.

Miramar Beach Golf Cart Maintenance Programs

Because the roads within Destin and Miramar Beach can be unpredictable, proper maintenance can extend the life of your golf cart. Mobile Golf Cart Repair can service a wide variety of golf carts, street legal carts and low speed vehicles.

Monthly, Semi-Annual and Annual Maintenance

All golf carts need to be maintained regularly to retain their value and to function properly. Our experienced staff knows exactly what your cart needs and when it needs it. We’ve put together several maintenance plans to fit your needs, and with our mobile service in Destin and Miramar Beach, we can always fit in with your schedule.

Customization and Upgrades

Want to take your golf cart to the next level? We can help you modernize every feature on your golf cart. If you want to drive your golf cart in the city of Destin or Miramar Beach, it needs to be a street legal golf cart. We can help you convert your standard golf cart to a street legal golf cart. Does your cart need a total overhaul? Contact us today and we’ll schedule an appointment to determine exactly what your cart needs to get in back in tip top condition.


If you’re only able to spend part of the year here with us on the Emerald Coast and want to secure your golf cart while your away, we have a local short or long term storage facility with competitive rates.

Is your property undergoing renovations? Store your golf cart with us to keep it in pristine condition. Whatever your need for storing your golf cart is, we make it easy. We’ll pick up your golf cart for you, store it for whatever length of time you need and deliver it back to you when you need it.

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Golf Cart Maintenance Tips and Guides

It’s important to learn the best way to take care of your golf cart so you can maintain its value and enjoy its benefits to the fullest. Sometimes, it may be difficult to diagnose the issues with your golf cart. From everyday tips to step-by-step guides, we’ve gathered information about some frequently asked questions to make your assessing and caring for your golf cart as simple as possible. We answer questions like, what weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly preventive maintenance checks do I need to perform on my golf cart?
Two golf carts parked in Seaside, FL with a scenic view of a house in the background at Mobile Golf Cart Repair.

Upgrade Your Golf Cart to be Street Legal

Converting your regular golf cart to a street legal golf cart isn’t too difficult if you know the route to take. We’ve compiled all of the information you’ll need to get you on the road to a street legal golf cart here on the Emerald Coast. Florida Requirements In order

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Happy Customers

Joel Marshall
Joel Marshall
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When my electric golf cart stopped working on the middle of 30A, I called Mobile Golf Cart Repair, and they were able to fix my cart within an hour. They were very prompt and courteous. I would definitely recommend them and will be using them again.
Sarah Portman
Sarah Portman
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I take my gas-powered golf cart to Mobile Golf Cart Repair for my regular preventive maintenance. They keep my cart running in top-notch order, so I don’t have to worry about it. If you’re looking for repair or maintenance, I recommend Mobile Golf Cart Repair.

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